The Sat Chat – Self Inquiry

Life is really a mystery, when we approach life as the mystery we are open for the new!

Living is a quest, of constant learning and unlearning!  The learning and unlearning is a process of living and dying!  This is done by participating fully in the life experience. The learning and dying is the willingness to live in a state of not knowing! By not knowing means the understanding that no answer given from the head, no philosophy, no reasoning, no talking or thinking about it give fulfillment. Only the direct experience of being me…being life….being the other… give fulfillment!

To be and live out of this direct experience of being …nothing is to be done, this is what already is. Life is present every moment, so is the other and so am I!  Yet we seem to miss it…why?  Maybe the reason is that it is to simple!

Since the absolute majority of human beings is occupied in their thinking and in their identification with feelings, image, stories, religions, roles, politics, relationships etc  we go on missing the essence – the simplicity and fulfillment of the present. The essence of ourself, life and others is not seen and experienced  as it is! Layers by layers of conditioning is there in our body mind and we move in unconscious automatic patterns believing this is who we are!

The quest is well formulated in these questions;  Who am I?   What is life?  what is another?  and  what is the purpose of  me being here?

You might be occupied with questions that are more real for you such as; why isn’t he/she listening to me? Why can I not relax? What should I do? How can I make it through? What work should I do? etc  These questions comes from the mind in relation to different life situations.  These type of questions are okay in the world of therapy or coaching and they can help the situation.

The questions coming from the quest; such as “who am I?”  are not stilled by answers!  Any answer will only give another question. These questions do not produce answers that are helpful,  any answer is in the way.  When asked with  sincerity and persistence questions coming out of the quest may make you shift your whole position, your whole way of looking at everything!  The shift means the question dropped through all of the layers of identification and the truth of what is, was met in a direct experience. By being you, you came to knowing -this is the only way, in the beginning it is you and the quest and you will fail again and again until there is only you or only the quest. The moment there is a undivided experience, this moment is total knowing, the questioner and the questioned is one.  In order to know who we are, what life is, what another is, we need to be what we are asking about!

Most people are out of tune with reality, they may manage to make money, to form families, to be succesfull but deep down they know they are out of tune and everybody else also knows it. But since we are all in the same boat nobody is pointing it out. The self Inquiry will get you in tune with yourself, the world , the other.

How ?   In the online self inquiry you will get to do the inquiry one to one. We call it a dyad.  Doing dyads has a lot of benefits. Besides giving support and immense power to the Quest there are many positive side effects. You get to train yourself in holding the space for another, this is done by listening to the other from your heart. Practising unconditional  presence. Practising being true and honest to yourself and another. Practising speaking and communicating spontaneously in the moment, not having to rehearse or plan what you are going to say. Also as a byproduct of the dyads you will probably get healing and a deeper understanding of different areas of your life. We all have a need to be listened to , to be seen and understood. The dyads fulfil this needs in a beautiful way. Why do I call this byproducts of the dyads? Because the primary reason for the dyads is to have a direct experience of  me… life…. the other…

Who can participate?  You don’t need prior experience in order to participate. On each meeting new comers will get an introduction. As the meeting is started on zoom we will all meet in a common room, after getting instruction you will sit in dyads one to one in different rooms assigned by the facilitator. You will sit with a partner 20 minutes before changing back to the main room, there you get further guidance and a new dyad partner. You will meet three different partners and the meeting is ended with everyone in the common room. Everybody is asked to honour an agreement of not in any way sharing the contents of the dyads to anyone. 

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