Enlightenment intensive


Enlightenment Intensive

Finding inner authority, presence and  self-knowledge


The  Enlightenment Intensive is for anyone who want to have a clear direct experience of their inner essence – of who and what they are.

With this inner knowing, leaders, coaches, teachers etc will take their work to a totally different level.

Most people live in a fantasy about themselves. Thus they are divided within, reality contra fantasies. When they work for inner growth and changes they tend to work with the fantasies of themselves and not with who they really are. Thus they grow very slowly or not at all. From real knowing growth and progress comes fast and with little effort.

People who know themselves from direct experience have an aura of presence and natural authority. They have a clarity, a still center within that gives them ability to act in harmony with what is going on. Others sense, relaxes and benefits from their presence.

Beneficial side effects from taking the intensive

  • improving capacity to be present
  • improving listening capacity and communication skills
  • improving feeling capacity
  • improving capacity to focus, to be still and attentive
  • improving general vitality and health
  • improving capacity to embrace strong feelings in oneself and in others.
  • improving capacity to speak from ”the heart” , to be spontaneous and true.
  • improving capacity to trust oneself
  • improving being in the body, being centered.
  • improving ability to maintain a relaxed eye contact with the other.
  • improving the overall contact with the other

The primary outcome – the key learning

The Enlightenment intensive has one primary goal. To help the participant to a direct experience of the ultimate truth of who and what he/she is.

This truth is always present no matter what is happening in life. Once you have known it, you cannot be fooled by illusions any more. You know without a shadow of a doubt who you are. You are your own authority!


The Enlightenment intensive is done as a residential retreat in a environment that is highly supportive. For this journey to be as powerful as possible the participant will be asked to leave day to day life aside. Program will go on from early morning until night. Thus the name intensive! There is no truth, dogma or religion presented at the intensive, the teaching and the structure has only one aim; to bring forth the inner wisdom of the participant.


No previous experience is necessary, the only request is that the participants is not on a medical treatment for mental illness.

An Enlightenment Intensive (EI) is a minimum three-day structured and highly focused retreat designed to assist and support participants in an accelerated process of self-discovery, with the aim of a breakthrough into non-dualistic consciousness, otherwise known as enlightenment.

The intention of an EI is for you to have a direct experience of your object of inquiry: Who am I? What am I? What is Another? What is Life? During the intensive, you are asked to set aside life’s many distractions, thus supporting you in directing your energy and attention to your chosen inquiry.

An EI combines the contemplative practices of Rinzai Zen meditation, Ramana Maharshi’s teachings from the Vedanta tradition, and the more recent Western element of the dyad form of communication. Charles Berner observed that the combination of these elements into a specific technique allowed individuals to achieve an enlightenment experience in a matter of days rather than months or years, as with other disciplines or practices.

EIs are not affiliated with any group or particular belief system. The concept and structure of an EI supports participants but leaves the work solely to the individual. At no time on an intensive are participants ever told who they are, what to believe, or what their truth is. All are welcome regardless of age, experience, and cultural, religious, or spiritual background.